The Domestic Policy Caucus promotes public safety solutions in the best interest of the American public.

New Federalism Fund

The New Federalism Fund is a non-partisan 501(c)4. Its board members and contributors are those interested in state-first regulation of state-based commerce and creating a common sense regulatory system for those who are in or serve the state-based cannabis industry. 


Fair and Equal Taxation

All legal businesses should be taxed fairly. Right now, legal cannabis businesses are not allowed to make standard business deductions from their federal tax returns. We are working to change federal tax law to create an equitable tax system for legal cannabis businesses.

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A New Federalism

State economies are best regulated at the local level. The New Federalism Fund is dedicated to working with Congress and the administration to protect local regulatory systems for the legal cannabis industry. In the spirit of federalism, we must support a state-based regulatory framework for goods traded within state borders.

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Equal Treatment and Equal Protection

Two legal products, sold by legal businesses within state boundaries.

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Click the link below to write your Congressman. Tell them to stand up for small, legal businesses. Tell your Congressman to rein in the IRS. Tell your Congressman to support legal businesses, trading in legal products within state boundaries.

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